Permanent Make Up

What Is Permanent Make up?

It is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin and can also be known as micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing and permanent cosmetic enhancement. Using pigmentation to permanently apply a natural look and a subtle finish to the skin, this procedure is medically proven to be completely safe and effective. This state-of-the-art technique is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner. Other permanent cosmetic procedures include scar camouflage, cleft lip camouflage and areola restoration following breast cancer surgery.

Tahora Eslahian is a fully qualified permanent make up specialist, are trained and certified by the Canadian Micro-Pigmentation Centre (CMPC) in Toronto and other British Columbia leading training institutes having worked over 20 years in the industry she has refined to perfection the art and skill of Permanent Make Up she also uses the best technology and natural pigments that are safe and FDA approved

The Intelligent provides Tahora with state-of-the-art computerized technology. It is equipped and controlled by an Intel microprocessor "chip". The Intelligent's central processing unit offers the most advanced features, which allow for the selection of pre-programmed settings for various procedures, i.e. eyebrow, eyeliner, lip color and medical procedures.

There is a large array of services offered …


If you use pencil to define your eyebrows, permanent eyebrows will relieve you of that daily necessity. Your eyebrows will last through swimming, aerobic classes, and while you sleep. An eyebrow procedure may take on the appearance of simulated hair strokes or a very light shading of color underneath existing light or sparse eyebrow hairs.


An eyeliner procedure defines the lash line and enhances your eye shape. Thickness and color may vary according to a client's request. Pigment is implanted close to the lash line to ensure a natural line.


A lip liner not only defines the existing lip line, but also augments the size or camouflages any scars, such as a cleft lip. Lip augmentation appears to increase the size and fullness of the natural lip line. Anyone with a loss of natural lip color because of the aging process will benefit dramatically from this procedure as they will always look like they are wearing lipstick.


Have you gotten permanent makeup in the past and not liked the results? Was your past derma technician inexperienced?

No matter what the case, Tahora can correct any ill-applied permanent makeup


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