• Who is the right candidate for HydroFacial?

    Having healthy, radiant skin that is well-hydrated and looks bright and supple is everyone’s dream. Although genetics and lifestyle play a huge role in making your skin look radiant and beautiful, thankfully with the advancement in skin science, everyone can come closer to their dream skin through cosmetic treatments and facials of different kinds. One such effective treatment is the HydroFacial™ procedure. Proven to result in clearer, smoother and more vibrant skin across the treated areas, this treatment deeply infuses your dermis (skin layer) with moisture and nutrients. It is the best option for a non-invasive, non-laser skin resurfacing treatment. With no incisions and virtually no downtime, the HydroFacial helps to get clear and vibrant skin all across the treated areas. It is the only hydra-dermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, extraction, exfoliation and hydration techniques.

    Am I the right candidate for a HydroFacial?
    Typically, for people suffering from hyperpigmentation, excessively oily skin, enlarged pores, and acne-prone skin, HydroFacial can work wonders. During a HydroFacial, your skin is cleansed and exfoliated with the help of a tiny instrument that eliminates dead skin cells, extracts debris and opens the pores. This helps to clear out the pores and dead cells off your skin. The next step is the glycolic peel. A glycolic peel can cause a slight tingling sensation to your skin. After the glycolic peel, the aesthetician will next perform a detailed pore extraction to remove the trapped matter from deep within the pores. The extraction will be followed by the application of collagen and antioxidant-rich serum using a vortex-infusion tool. This application will help to enhance the natural elasticity of the skin and keep it hydrated. It also helps to get rid of any fine lines, wrinkles and prevents skin-ageing.

    The results of HydroFacial are effective and long-lasting. This non-invasive procedure is suitable for almost any kind of skin- oily, dry, combination and even extremely sensitive skin types. Mostly HydroFacial procedures have no side effects or downtime, except a slight tingling during the application of the glycolic peel, which settles down almost immediately. Due to long-lasting and impressive results that HydroFacial promises, many people are making it a part of their regular beauty regimen. HydroFacial is a non-irritating and hydrating procedure that nourishes the skin deeply by using a strategic combination of protective and restorative antioxidants.

    One of the key aspects of getting any beauty treatment like laser hair removal, microblading or HydroFacial in Burnaby or Surrey is that it should be done by a qualified, licensed and experienced technician after a thorough examination of your skin. Technicians from Triniti Laser make sure to perform a thorough assessment of your skin and give you detailed information on what results HydroFacial can provide for your skin. If you are thinking about including HydroFacial as part of your regular skin care routine, talk to a technician from Triniti Laser today.

  • Laser Hair Removal Myths

    The myths and misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal make up a long list that seems to have no end point. With the advancements in this technology, much of what used to be true is now moot and should be addressed as so. Therefore, here are eight myths about laser hair removal that we’ve debunked just for you.

    It causes more hair growth
    While everyone has their own hair growth patterns and frequency, laser hair removal treatments won’t cause more hair growth. The laser itself works to destroy the hair follicles, making it more difficult, if not impossible, for hair to regrow in that area.

    Same effects for all hair types
    Because everyone’s hair is different in some way, it’s necessary that you talk to your dermatologist about the kind of results you can expect based on your hair type, its thickness and your skin type.

    It won’t work on some hair colours
    While it may be a bit harder to target hair follicles for certain hair colours, it’s not impossible. With the high-quality laser developed today, laser hair removal systems can effectively get rid of all hair colour types.

    There’s exposure to radiation
    Laser hair removal devices that have been approved by the FDA to use in reputable salons don’t release radiation. The radiation that’s present within the light barriers of the laser beam itself can’t escape that space, making it completely harmless for patients.

    Permanent hair removal in one treatment
    It’s just not possible to remove every bit of hair from the desired area through one hair removal treatment. As hair grows at different times and through various cycles, it can’t be done, which is why multiple sessions are necessary to achieve the best hair removal results.

    It’s too painful
    Laser hair removal treatments can be uncomfortable for some people, claiming there’s a pin pricking sensation throughout the process. However, at Triniti Laser we have laser treatments that aren’t painful at all!

    Guaranteed hairless forever
    While it’s normal for some people to experience a large reduction in the growth of their hair after a few sessions, it takes many more for others. Many things will factor into the effectiveness of your laser hair treatment, including hair thickness, type, colour, the laser used and its energy, your DNA and more. In general, laser hair removal can lower your hair count by over 80%.

    Can’t be done during the summer
    You can have a laser hair removal treatment performed at any time of the year. No matter how tan you get throughout the summer, laser hair removal technology is advanced enough to effectively target hair follicles on darker skin tones. However, you shouldn’t lay in the sun within 72 hours of having a laser hair removal treatment, as you’ll be vulnerable to burns, skin damage and scarring.

    At Triniti Laser, we’re a trustworthy laser clinic and medispa that keep our clients safely and needs in mind. Located in New Westminster, British Columbia, our staff has over 15 years of experience performing services that include laser hair removal, acne treatments, hydra facials, microblading, body contouring and much more. With online promotions on our website, call or book an appointment online to receive a free consultation.