HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone present at high levels in early pregnancy.

While working with malnourished pregnant women in India in the 1950’s, leading British endocrinologist, Dr. ATW Simeons discovered that the HCG hormone helped preserve lean muscle tissue and burn off fat to support the children while they were in the womb. Over the next 10 years Dr. Simeons spent time experimenting with specific amounts of HCG combined with specific amounts of food. This led him to discover that a large amount of fat loss could result in a relatively short time. He published his findings in his famous book “Pounds and Inches”.

There are tons of different HCG plans available online that tell you what you can and cannot eat while on the diet. However, we are adhering to the original protocol as noted by Dr. Simeons, in order to get the best results, this plan has been shown to be the best option.

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The HCG protocol is very simple, essentially consisting of a very low-fat, very low-calorie diet, combined with a minimal dosage rx HCG. This combination will directly target stubborn fat in your waist, hips, thighs, butt while maintains muscle integrity. The program it’s composed of 3 phases:


  • 1. Start Phase: Take a daily HCG dose and eat plenty of high-fat, high-calorie foods to two  days.
  • 2. Weight Loss Phase: Take out only a daily HCG dose and eat 500 calories of protein and vegetables per day for 3-6 weeks.
  • 3. Maintenance Phase: Stop taking HCG. Gradually increase food intake but avoid sugar and starch for three weeks.

The HCG is what enables your body to be able to function properly while eating at such a deficit. Conversely, if you are taking HCG while still eating the same foods as before, you will not see any weight loss.
So once again, the importance of following HCG protocol cannot be stressed enough.

  • Lose up to 10-20 lbs on the 26 day program
  • Lose up to 30 lbs-35 lbs on the 46 day program
  • Helps stabilize your metabolism by reseting your hypothalamus
  • No exercise required.
  • Burns fat while preserving muscle
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves libido
  • Improves mobility and decreases joint pain




  • The stage of “gain before loss.” This is a period of anywhere from 3 days, to one week before treatment, where patients are asked to force feed to maximum capacity.
  • If a patient’s condition is very low, they are asked to eat to capacity for a full week. If a patient is in a satisfactory general condition, they begin force feeding on the day of their first injection.
  • There are many reasons for this feasting, one of which is to stock the normal fat reserves before cutting the diet down to 500 calories per day.
  • Patients are asked to eat the most fattening foods possible, up until the day of the fourth injection. Patients are not asked to begin eating the limit of 500 calories until three injections have been taken, since it takes that amount of time for the hormone to start circulating fat in the body and making the abnormal fat deposits available.
  • The first three drops can often be referred to as “non-effective,” since they are preparing the body for the subsequent “effective” drops which aim to deplete the abnormal fat reserves that have become available on day three. Some patients may be afraid of eating so many calories in the days leading up to the drops, but all weight gained (which can often be 4-6 pounds in 24 hours), is lost in the first 48 hours of dieting.
  • The first three injections can often be referred to as “non-effective,” since they are preparing the body for the subsequent “effective” drops which aim to deplete the abnormal fat reserves that have become available on day three. Some patients may be afraid of eating so many calories in the days leading up to the drops, but all weight gained (which can often be 4-6 pounds in 24 hours), is lost in the first 48 hours of dieting.
  • The feasting re-stocks depleted normal fat reserves in obese patients, and the hormone draws on abnormal fat deposits only, leading to an overall healthier body.
  • Foods that should be eaten during this period of full-capacity eating include milk chocolate, pastries with whipped cream, fried meats (especially pork), eggs and bacon, mayonnaise, bread with butter or jar, and any other fattening foods.
  • Simeons emphasizes that concerns about this kind of eating are unfounded, and patients who follow this protocol will be rewarded with results later on.
  • He also points out that during the two days of forced feeding between the first and third cycles of drops, some patients have noticed that they do not actually gain much weight, and in some cases have even lost weight. This can be due to proper hydration during the diet, and the release of excess water from the body, or the increased protein intake, which can limit retained water.



  • The HCG injection also known as phase 2 is the bulk of the treatment and lasts the most amount of time.
  • Each meal in Phase 2 includes 100g of meat, 3.5 ounces of vegetables, a fruit and slice of bread.
  • HCG Dieters follow a 500 calorie diet and take drops for either 26 or 40 days.
  • Dieters follow a strict protocol of what to eat and how much of eat to eat
  • For women, the best time to start taking the HCG hormone is immediately after her period. If needed, treatment can start later, but should be done within 10 days of a period. Also to note, at least three cycles of drops should be given after the period, followed by the normal three days of dieting.
  • On the first few days, some patients claim that they feel a difference, others feel very little. Check out more information on what to expect on your first week of HCG treatment here.
  • Some common symptoms such as mild headaches or increased hunger can occur when first starting treatment, but generally subside. As patients move into the second and third day of the 500 calorie diet, which coincides with the fifth and sixth cycles of drops, patients should start seeing a weight loss of around two pounds per day.
  • At around the third day, different experiences can begin to develop depending on how the forced feeding, also known as the “loading days” went.
  • Patients who ate at their full capacity often feel much better, lighter and clear-headed. Those who have ignored the instructions of loading days, can instead feel minor discomforts for the first week. When patients reach the fourth and fifth day of dieting, the weight loss amounts begin to drop down and settle at an average of around 1 pound per day.
  • Men often lose weight more consistently over the 23 or 40 days, whereas women can go through fluctuations when it comes to average weight loss per day.




  • Your first week on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet, you should increase your calories up to about 700-900. Do this by increasing Phase 2 approved foods like your protein serving and your vegetable serving. Only add in one or two new foods this week. We recommend starting with new fruits and veggies.
  • Your second week you should increase to 1000-1100. During your second week you can try adding in pork, turkey, greek yogurt or white cheeses. Monitor what you eat closely so if you gain weight you’ll know exactly what you changed and what you need to cut out.
  • The third week you should be eating between 1200-1300 calories. You can broaden your meat selections by trying salmon or pepperoni. In your third week you can also try mayo and milk.
  • Your fourth week on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet should include 1300-1500 calories of Phase 3 approved foods. At this point you should be able to try anything on the list without gaining weight.

Common Post-Diet Problems:

  • The body can create a tolerance to the HCG hormone, and as a result, the lack of calories will leave dieters weak and malnourished.
  • Another problem is being too eager to increase caloric intake following the diet.
  • Patients begin to realize that they can eat fairly normally without regaining any of the weight.
  • Simeons protocol states that during this time, however, they should avoid sugar and starch for a while. Small amounts of foods such as egg, cheese or milk should be introduced slowly and carefully, not all at once.
  • Easing the body back into consuming more calories should be done in small increments to help it better adjust.
  • When it comes to protein, the opposite should occur. Patients are encouraged to consume a large amount of protein in order to make up for any deficiency while on the HCG diet. Foods such as eggs, steak, and cheese can all be consumed in large quantities during the days following treatment.

MIC Weight Loss

What are MIC shots used for?

Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection is a genuine weight loss product that has been technologically baked and advanced using the latest clinical science to effectively help your body to burn fat more efficiently. When MIC injections are constantly administered together with a diet of low calories and frequent exercise, this medication produces outstanding results. It is made up of a formula that consists of numerous lipotropic’s. Lipotropics are amino acids whose function are to mobilize fat patches and fat cells in your body. You can read more about other lipotropic injections here. Other functions of these amino acids include; enhancing the functions of the liver by assisting in the metabolism of fat cells. They prevent the build-up of cholesterol in the body and they also help in eliminating abnormal fat cells and fat deposits on various sites of the body. Complementary research also shows that when lipotropic agents are combined with Vitamin B-12 injections, they react to create a synergy between their molecules which facilitates exceptional burning of fat throughout your body. As long as you strictly follow your program and the advice from your physician all these combined metabolic processes will help you to lose a lot of fat in a very short time.

Using MIC Injections for Weight-loss

Losing weight is a major concern to more people living in America than any other part of the world. Maybe this can be attributed to our culture of constantly surviving on fast foods. But for this reason, various clinicians, scientists, and fitness gurus have come up with methods, action plans and even drugs that should help people cut down their weight, the question is, do these drugs really work? Many people have struggled for years with different weight loss programs and conventional weight loss methods and products, for some reason, a larger percentage of these people have never achieved the results they desire. The current market has been flooded with both exotic and generic products. You will be very surprised to find out that most of these products are fake. These drugs promise results without explaining how to get there or how the drugs actually work. With our MIC shots, the case is totally different. This weight loss medication is the number one solution that will make all your weight loss frustrations a matter of the past. Below is a detailed description of this medication and how it actually works.


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