CUTERA® Laser Genesis


CUTERA® Laser Genesis is a noninvasive laser treatment designed to target fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and uneven skin tone by heating the upper dermis of your skin, which accelerates collagen regrowth. Laser Genesis has been featured in Elle Magazine and has been known as an extremely popular treatment all around Hollywood and The Beverly Hills. In addition, many YouTube reviews can be found boasting about the effectiveness of Laser Genesis. You can check out a honest review of the Laser Genesis treatment by Elle Leary Artistry here.

The reason CUTERA® Laser Genesis is so popular is because of the more gentle approach paired with impeccable results. Of course, the more treatments you have – the better the result. It is recommended to have 4-6 treatments to battle current concerns, and if you have aging skin coming in for maintenance every 6 weeks.

This treatment has no recovery time and is quick and painless. It is great for combatting:

Laser Genesis and Acne Scars

CUTERA® Laser Genesis improves acne scarring in two ways. First, the laser collapses superficial blood vessels on your skin to minimize the redness surrounding your old acne lesions. Next, it promotes the production of healthy collagen at the cellular level to diminish acne scars and improve texture.

Packages are available upon request. A series of treatments is recommended. Call us at 604-544-5666 to talk to a skin care professional & book your free consultation today.



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