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The Cold Truth About Acne

It’s not easy and it takes a lot of commitment, but the results are worth it! No we’re not talking about the gym- we’re talking about treating ACNE! While dealing with acne in itself can be an exhausting and costly process, individuals also tend to experience physical and mental repercussions that have a lasting impact. At Triniti Laser Clinic, we treat and assist a variety of clients that have struggled to get their acne under wraps for years! We’re glad to share our knowledge and today we want to empower you on the truth behind acne and your favorite “go-to” treatments…


- 25% of acne patients will struggle with reoccurring breakouts until the age of 25

- 20% of the Canadian population struggles with acne

- Women are prone to acne at a higher rate than men

- Acne impacts 85% of individuals between the ages of 12-24

Our Findings

Our clinic conducted a study by curating 64 of the most popular acne treatments to date. This study included topical treatments (gels, creams, ointments), oral supplementation (GP administered, oral contraceptives, Accutane), natural alternatives, and finally TECHNOLOGY! Results portrayed that topicals are the leading option when it comes to acne treatments followed by oral medication – meanwhile technology consumed only 10% of the 64 treatment options. As a medical clinic specializing in acne solutions, we were shocked that despite the available and advanced technology- the public lacks the knowledge that these solutions exist, and may be more cost efficient!

It costs to have Acne

After reviewing Bianchini (2022) we wanted to understand the costs associated with acne and finding the right treatment that works. Topicals often range from $36-$338 per topical at a yearly cost, meanwhile oral medications per cycle can range from $100-$1500. Despite these amount seeming marginal, they are often used in combination to target active breakouts via topicals while the oral medication prevents future breakouts. Cycles become reoccuring, and those trips to the drugstore become a weekly outing- the cost is never upfront and in many cases becomes a vicous cycle of consumerism.

Our Suggestion

Now that we've provided you with a general understanding, we want to encourage assessing the risks and benefits of "popular" acne treatments before taking a trip to the doctor or store. Acne is tough and one of the most persistent skin conditions, but this isn't a battle you should fight alone! At our clinic we have seen tremendous results with clients that attend treatments, and upkeep their regime at-home. Whether you're an overwhelmed parent looking to help your child in their struggles, or a confused teenager spending your paycheques on "acne-fighting" cleansers- look no further! We urge you to book in for a consultation today and explore the variety of options our clinic offers for acne solutions- our technicians are here to guide your journey and provide you with cost-effective treatments that provide results.


Serving the lower mainland, Triniti Laser Clinic offers 100% complimentary consultations for all treatments and in depth home care guidance to educate all our patients on the best way to reach optimal results. From the range of medial aesthetic treatments we offer to the medical grade and organic skincare lines we carry- we’re here to help you achieve skin that makes you look and feel your best. Take a look at our online store or come on in and see us.

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