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ZO Enzymatic Peel

A rejuvenating at-home peel that soothes and hydrates the skin for a smoother texture and brighter appearance.


Appropriate for all skin types

50 mL / 1.7 fl oz.

Formerly known as Invisapeel™ Intensive Resurfacing Peel.


ZO Enzymatic Peel

An intensive resurfacing peel that uses a unique process to renew the epidermis without any apparent exfoliation.

Specialized enzymes help reduce the appearance of most epidermal problems (such as discolouration, flaky skin and roughness).

Skin is noticeably softer, brighter and able to receive additional product benefits.

ZO Enzymatic Peel

Excluding GST/HST |
  • Provides gentle skin surface renewal with invisible exfoliation
  • Replenishes hydration and lipids to improve skin barrier
  • Improves the visible signs of sun damage
  • Helps soothe and calm the skin
  • Enhances the benefits of any ZO® Treatment

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