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Is Sublative the way to go? A comparison with CO2 Fractionated Laser!

I think we can agree that achieving smooth, glowy skin remains a lifelong skincare goal, but with the help of radiofrequency technology, we can get you there! Sublative Skin Resurfacing is a radio-frequency treatment that creates tiny micro-injuries in the treatment area. The healing process of these "injuries" then stimulates collagen production and creates healthy new skin cells, with improved texture and tone.

What is CO2 Fractionated Laser?

CO2 Fractionated Laser is one of the original methods of skin rejuvenation that combines rejuvenation with the use of the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. This treatment initially targeted acne and scarring, then included the treatment of warts, pigmentation, and texture. As CO2 Fractionated Laser is ablative, it is a more aggressive treatment that destroys active skin cells to further target troubled areas. Recovery time for ablative laser treatments often range from 1-2 weeks based on skin sensitivity.

What is Sublative Skin Resurfacing?

Sublative is our holy grail of skin resurfacing, as it utilizes radiofrequency opposed to laser to provide results that stimulate collagen reproduction, skin tightening, fineline improvement and reduce photoaging. As sublative is considered a nonblative laser, it doesn't destroy the skin cells in a similar manner to lasers, but it works to eradicate unhealthy cells for the production of new ones. The benefit of Sublative is the minimal downtime, as this treatment is not invasive.

Spotting the Difference

As both treatments eliminate photoaging, target scarring and treat pigmentation, downtime and healed results vary between the two.

Sublative Skin Resurfacing is a more progressive technology, that can treat all skin types and textures, compared to CO2 Fractionated which is limited dependent on skin types. Fractionated laser is also not recommended for individuals with severe acne due to the nature of the treatment.

Both Sublative Resurfacing and CO2 Fractionated Laser provide immaculate results that treat a range of concerns yet at Triniti Laser Clinic, we recommend Sublative due to the high-level results provided by the our Sublative technology, while allowing you to return to your lifestyle with practically no down-time.

Are you a sublative candidate? Find out more by booking a consultation!

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