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Skincare That Delivers


Skincare That Delivers

Many of us are on a constant journey to find that fountain of youth and a skin care brand that will deliver the results that they claim and we expect. Well, I think we’ve found a winner; DermaMade is a new Skincare line that our clinic has adopted.

Why you ask? Contrary to a big department store, and the makeup conglomerates belief, the fancy packaging and boujee bottles these lotions and potions come in are NOT what we want to be paying for. DermaMade products don’t come in the fancy pop-up packaging or try and compete with bejewelled bottles, they’re busy putting science into their products. The line as a whole is created and formulated by Board Certified Dermatologists who are highly focused on utilizing the best active ingredients with published research to target your specific skin concerns… and get you RESULTS!

When shopping for skincare it’s a lot like dating, soon enough you see through the smoke and mirrors, and realize what you’ve really purchased, we in the clinic love that any of the key active ingredients are always listed clearly on the bottle so there is never any confusion on what you’re taking home. With a product line like DermaMade, the ingredients are quite potent and very active which is why you’ll only find these products sold by clinics with Physicians or Dermatologists present, highly active ingredients are reserved for recommendation by people with higher education to ensure the best possible outcome.

This brand is medical grade and clinically

studied but never tests on animals, and are proudly 100% Vegan, rest easy were still determined to give you access to the cle

anest and most sustainable products to prolong the benefits of your in clinic treatments. Regardless of your age, skin colour or condition, we can tailor a skin care regime that will transform your skin from a sad pumpkin to a Glowing Cinderella whose ready for the ball.

Serving the lower mainland, Triniti Laser Clinic offers 100% complementary consultations for all treatments and in depth home care guidance to educate all our patients on the best way to reach optimal results. From the range of medial aesthetic treatments we offer to the medical grade and organic skincare lines we carry- we’re here to help you achieve skin that makes you look and feel your best. Take a look at our online store or come on in and see us.

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