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Covid-19 Protocol 

Triniti Laser Clinic and Medi Spa
COVID 19 protocols  

As safety is our first priority for our clients and staff.


We currently have the following procedures in place to ensure the clinic must only hold one client in the building at a time, all waiting clients must remain outside until advised further.

Clients must wait in their cars until called and informed that we are ready for their entry and all cleaning procedures have been completed.

Before and after each client, all doorknobs, Key switches, payment machines, and all touchable surfaces will be wiped clean with CS20 medical sanitizing wipes, including all rooms and service areas.

All clients must wear a mask before entry to the clinic and must wear the mask throughout their stay (unless the area being treated is on the face)

Hands must be disinfected before entry using medical hand sanitizer, which will be provided to clients.

The temperature will be taken for all people entering the premises (clients and staff)

All staff will wear masks and/or face shields and gloves at all times throughout their workday.

Additional handwashing protocol is in place for all staff to abide by.


No food or beverages will be served in the clinic.

Entry to the clinic is by appointment only, washrooms are for clients and staff only. After every use, the washrooms are fully disinfected using medical-grade disinfectants. (Showers are not permitted while COVID-19 procedures are in effect).

As per usual, all linens, towels, and wearable clothing items provided by the clinic are washed in hot water with bleach after every use to prevent cross-contamination.

All clients must sign a COVID-19 release form before entry (this will be sent through email prior to the appointment date). This release form will ensure that clients have answered truthfully to all the pre-entry questions.


In the case that any clients test positive with COVID-19, 14 days after entry to the clinic, the clinic will not be liable for the illness.

The pre-entry questionnaire will be asked to all clientele before entry into the clinic. If any of the following questions are answered with a yes, the clinic will deny entry to the client.

  1. Have you been sick in the past 3 weeks?

  2. Do you have a fever or have you had a fever in the past 3 weeks?

  3. Have you been in contact with anyone that has tested positive with COVID-19?

  4. Have you left the country in the past 14 days?

Sculpture with Face Mask
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