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Exfoliation and Chemical Peels

We’re constantly reminded of the importance of sunscreen, and how it plays a pivotal role in preventing the ageing process. SPF shields the skin from harmful rays but the sun isn’t the only reason our skin breaks down. We also have environmental factors, stress, hormones, and the natural ageing process. This is where exfoliation plays its part. Our skin naturally proliferates and sheds however, as we age, our cell turnover gets slower, which means our skin is more susceptible to dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. When we exfoliate, we regulate that cell turnover to promote healthy new cells that make their way to the surface that are more resilient to the environment, our hormones, the sun, exc.

There are multiple ways to exfoliate, let’s look at them.

  1. Granular or Mechanical exfoliation that uses small abrasive little particles to rub or roll along the skin, smoothing out the texture and removing dead skin cells from the surface.

  2. Enzymatic exfoliation more popular for skins that are sensitive or rosacea prone the enzymes it work very similarly to little PacMan, running along the surface, digesting the dead skin and debris on the surface, leaving the skin, refreshed and renewed.

  3. Chemical peels are where it gets really interesting because not every acid formulated in chemical peels does the same thing. Somebody who is suffering from acne, congestion, or blackheads might benefit from something with salicylic acid or mandelic acid. This helps to decongest and eliminate acne causing bacteria because salicylic acid is oil soluble, meaning it cuts through oil. Think dawn dish soap on a greasy pan. Older skins that are suffering from fine lines and wrinkles and hyper pigmentation might enjoy a glycolic peel something that is going to penetrate to the deepest layer, and stimulate that renewal process of building, fresh collagen and elastin. Somebody who just wants to increase their glow might enjoy a lactic acid peel, also notoriously known as the most gentle peel. It has a high molecular weight and size which means it stays more superficial on the skin to really work on light hyperpigmentation will also increase hydration. Lastly we have our retinoic acid and TCA peels such as the Perfect Derma Peel which is a medium depth medical grade peel. Because of the cocktail of ingredients, it will give a deep resurfacing, meaning full sheet peeling. This will target all skin concerns. Lines, wrinkles, photo damage, melasma and acne.

At the end of the day, the pearl to take from all of this info is that exfoliation is a necessary step both in your clinical treatments, or in your home, care to allow the best absorption of active ingredients, and to keep your skin at its healthiest, most optimal state. Listed below are a few links, if you are considering receiving a chemical peel or just need a consultation to help you find out which is the best exfoliant for your skin, click follow and book a free consultation.

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